Basic English

Welcome to the Hightech Agenda Bavaria website!

The Hightech Agenda is a plan for Bavaria.
It sees Bavaria as an important location for modern technology.

Technology is becoming more and more important.

There are many different kinds of technology, including:
Everything related to machines, robots and computers.

Bavaria wants to be an important location for modern technology.
This means creating lots of jobs related to technology.
It means helping people make new inventions in Bavaria.
It also means making life better for people in Bavaria
by using technology.

This is why the Bavarian state government made a plan.
The plan is called: Hightech Agenda Bavaria.

The word “high-tech” means technology that is very advanced and modern.
“Agenda” is another word for a plan or schedule.

Minister-President Dr Markus Söder
is committed to the plan.
The Minister-President is the leader of the government
in a state of Germany – like Bavaria.
Nowhere else in Germany has a plan like it.
The Free State of Bavaria is spending roughly €5.5 billion on this plan.

What exactly is the plan for?

It provides money to support work with special technology
Bavaria wants to provide lots of money for research.
Research means:
Finding out everything about a topic
and discovering new things.


An important area of technology research is called:
Artificial intelligence and SuperTech.
The next section provides an explanation of these terms.



People often refer to artificial intelligence using the first letter of each word: AI.
You simply pronounce each letter, so it sounds like “ay eye”.



AI and SuperTech are topics that focus on intelligent machines.
These machines can work without the help of people.
They do this using very complicated computer programs.
You might know examples of these technologies:
Robots or drones.
A drone is like a tiny helicopter.
However, a drone can fly on its own.
An AI robot can help with things such as nursing care.
These machines can also teach themselves to do new things.
AI and SuperTech is often used in space technology.

Bavaria hopes to do even more work on AI and SuperTech.
This means that lots of men and women have to work on these topics.
They need to develop and invent new technologies.
This work often takes place at universities.

When young people have finished studying at school,
they can continue learning at universities.
People who learn at universities are called students.
When students finish studying at university,
sometimes they stay at the university.
They stay because they can work there.
Some of them work as researchers.

The Hightech Agenda Bavaria provides money to pay for more research
into AI and SuperTech.

More money and more opportunities
for universities

Universities do very important work.
The people who work at universities
need to have good working conditions.
They need enough time and money for research.
Universities need to have more opportunities.
This is why some things at universities need to change.
There is a complicated name for this change: University reform.


Modern technology for people in Bavaria

People in Bavaria should also benefit from modern technology.
Technology aims to make life better for people.
Here’s an example:

  • Technology can make driving safer.
    This is because computer programs can assist cars.
  • Technology can also be helpful in medicine and nursing care.
    For example, there is modern equipment in hospitals
    and care facilities.
  • Technology can make better batteries.
    We can use these batteries in electric cars.
  • Technology can also help us protect the environment.
    For example, technology can help us to save energy.
    This is good for the environment.

The Hightech Agenda provides money for all of these areas.